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17.04.2013 Maretti (blue, castle, caitlin, gurnisson) def Helllight (red, ramp, kyrre) jebus 123

6 cons in area plus an angel dwell. 4 of them were minimum but I got 10 angels from the cons. I knew he broke at 121, so I tried to get out fast and could break at 122 with 12 aas and 3 angels. Took 2 topes in the desert, they were small but at least I got a sword and wings. Then moved down the road to kill one of his scouts. Next turn he attacked me with horde wyvs and more on kyrre, but he had low stats and no book, so I won it easily despite moral on wyvs round 1. Next turn I took the desert town and killed all his scouts there so he gave up. Strong game from Helllight, but he was unlucky that my map was this good. Thanks for playing.
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