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Сообщение от =Stinger=
11.07.13 =Stinger=(blue, Fortress, Tazar) def Maretti(red, Conflux,random, Clavius) Jebus Cross 145

Thx for the game!

I confirm. Major loss Started out well with 2 main heroes in clavius and neela. Broke 122 with 8 angels, 32 wyverns and 4 firebirds. Exp log, gloves and stabels. At this point I was stronger, i had air, earth log and armor on clavius but lacked haste and spellpoints. Road split in a way up and down, my break was a bit above the middle of the map and I saw his area to the north, so I decided to go south thinking the main part of the desert was there and I only left a bit to him in the north (no view earth in 3 guilds). Sent a scout up there but the road was blocked. This is where I lost the game, cause the main part of the goods (angelic alliance, health combo, boots, earth book, air book, red orb) were in the north eastern part of the desert, and I just ended up in a new grass area down the road. I came back to late and lost the first confrontation.

But now I went to new areas with all 3 necro arts and made 2500 skells pretty quickly. Also found some good arts there, so in the end I had 36 49 38 30 with an implo close to 5 k and an arma close to 3 k. I still thought I could win due to the magic. Unfortunatly he had basicly the strongest setup possible, which left me no chance in the end. Thanks for playing.
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