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05.08.2013 Maretti (red, flux, lacus, gunnar) def Twaryna (blue, fortress, tazar) jebus 125

Had many hives, a bird dwell and 2 cons for 5 angels. Unfortunatly most of the hives were small and gunnar got bad skills. Found boots and gloves in a BM. Could break at 123 with massive movement (4500 mp) vs gold dragons. Cost some loses since I had low stats and bad skills. Same day I took earth book guarded by cavaliers.

Now Twaryna showed up, but he couldnt reach a tope I took the next day that gave SOJ and air book. I attacked and was stronger, but ran out of mana and decided to surrender to avoid futher loses and get full mana from home town. Next day I ran to middle and caught him 1 step from a desert town. He was low on mana and gave up. Thanks for playing.
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