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22.08.2013 theShevanesian(синий, болото, Тазар) def Maretti(красный, сопряжение, Брисса, Йог) Jebus Cross 135
Извиняюсь за позднюю игру, был в отпуске. Соперник удивил тем, что оставил сопряг, и, в общем-то, сдало ему так себе. Мне сдало тоже не очень, кое-как нашел 4 улика (мини и предмини), так что ГО пробил на 124 с 20 монархами, 3 ангелами и замедлением эксперта. На 125 беру КЗ, на 127 колпак. Это и сыграло - у соперника фулл контроля не было до конца игры. Дальше был контакт, где за счет имплы удалось серьезно подорвать мощь армии соперника. Разошлись по разным комповым зонам; соперник ничего не нашел и сдался.

Спасибо за игру!
Thanks for a game!

I confirm. Had a bad map, so could only break at 125. Had the choice to take dung town in middle, but was allmost out of mana, so decided it was to risky and went for other middle town. This turned out to be the wrong choice, since opponent wasnt very strong at the time, but I couldnt know that so I wont call it a mistake. Then I moved in for 2 topes but opponent came first. I had moved to far forward, so he could see and attack me and killed most of my army with implo before I had money to run. Then I went for new area and found a full tope that was somewhat disapointing and also cost some troops. I counted on ciele and arma to weaken or kill taz, but due to moral on elfs I lost her and out of annoyance I gave up. There was still a chance to win with ciele if taz didnt wear red orb, but I needed luck to get her back from tavern and I had enough of waiting. 2 mistakes was at least 1 to many. Thanks for playing.
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