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Pit for LM
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21.06.2015 Pit for LM (Красный, Некрополь, Random, Галтран, Галтран) def Maretti (Синий, Некрополь, Random, Клавиус, Клавиус) Jebus Cross 127
I used 2 111 restarts. The final map didn’t seem good, but it worked well.
On 111 I visited observatory. It showed that I had 1 hive (1,5 days off-road) and 2 lich dwellings. That’s all. But I had a red color and Galthran as a starting hero, so I couldn’t use my last restart. I was expecting opponent to do this, but it didn’t happen. That could only mean a perfect map there, so the first days I felt I was in a deep trouble. Hopefully, the map there was just good. Also that tower scouted a part of a desert. There was an Earth Book and a conservatory, also utopia and 2 titan artifacts (sword and helm) guarded by Cyclops Kings. The block was black knights. The desert was nice, but it was completely uncertain how to get there and how to fight there.
On 112 I took Gelare from prison. That gave some speed for the heroes and also that allowed to take lich dwellings with 7 single units (Gelare was 5th level).
On 113 I found a few interesting objects, but most of them would be ignored (+4+4 helm guarded by snipers, dragon dwelling, Pandora + 4 shield guarded by up. nagas).
By 114 I took both lich dwellings, killed 20+ gorgons and got Earth and Attack. Charna reached a Castle village, but there was absolutely nothing interesting nearby.
On 115 I finally found something made me optimistic. It was 3 comfortable hives and boots of speed. I decided to start the next day.
On 116 I took a second village (Inferno), 10 wyverns and boots.
Last hive gave 6 more vyws on 117 and also I decided to eat Pandora guarded by 80+ wights. It gave 15k exp, so I got expert Earth and also advanced pathfinding. Galthran retreated to fill mana (to 60).
On 121 I took the last hive that gave 8 vyws, Galthran was near the Block.
On 122 I had a few difficult fights, lost some skeletons, but finished this day in the Inferno castle with Earth Book, 19 power liches, 29 wyverns, 5 black knights and 300 skeletons. The parameters were just 7-5-8-6, but utopia nearby gave hope to increase them. Also there was a blue hat nearby.
I started 123 with an utopia. It was 3 blacks and it was perfect. I got +6 all helm, titan armor and wings. So I killed behemoths for a blue hat and returned to the castle. The same day Charna took imp bank, another scout – 15k exp Pandora, that opened the way deeper where I found opponent. I decided to do a few things more. Moandor freed a prison with Alamar and took 2 imp banks. Alamar killed 90+ trolls, got +5 shield and 4 wyvs. I could obviously do something more, but was quite short of time, moreover opponent looked weak. So I finished this day in a castle with 13-16-25-12 (23).
Opponent took one remaining Pandora, killed 100+ minotaur kings and decided to attack:
Clavius (10-9-5-9 (60)), 500+ skeletons, 27 wyvs, 3 death knights, 7 power liches, 6 vampires, +2 speed.
I did this battle quite carelessly, so opponent killed my liches, knights, half of wyverns and some skeletons. Clavius surrendered with liches, vamps, dozen of wyvs and a few skeletons. As a winner of tough battle I also raised almost 200 skeletons.
The next day wasn’t played very well. Galthran took 2 angels con and a prison. After that I decided to attack angels with 1st level scout with 20 mana (for one animate). The angels were angry and killed me. All skeletons were lost (almost 500). I still killed remaining 4 angels with wyverns and took that lion shield and good necro hero, but my resulting army was just 14 wyvs, 2 angels and 27 skeletons.
On 125 I realized that further cleaning of a desert could lead to disaster, so I went to attack. Also made some skeletons and took a hive on the way. So it was 22 wyvs, 165 skells, 2 angels and 1 bone dragon. Galthran got logistics as a final skill that was very nice.
On 126 I reached a blue capital and even took one village using outer tavern. There was no signs of opponent’s main…
Actually, Clavius hid himself in a darkness and had exactly enough MP to reach the central Inferno.
Hopefully, basic logistics and full speed with angels was just enough to reach Clavius from my starting town on a last step on 127.
Thanks for playing!
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