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Сообщение от bobchik
У мну тоже от Буки, но пока что никаких проблем с игрой не испытывал... патчи все стоят, все шуршит.

Чудеса какие-то... Повезло, поздравляю.
Глянь, что на форумах творится:

November 29, 2015 03:13:53
CRITICAL BUG after Patch 1.5. Heroes have no abilities, skills (all greyed out), no spells in spellbook. When hero tries to attack a message "No Valid Target" appears. Dungeon Campaign 4 near end. Battles against the enemy are now suicide missions. Gasp. This issue was reported on Steam Community 21st November - it seems its still not fixed.

Same problem here. Loading savegames leads to loss of spells, hero skills and attributes.
Level stays the same but skill points are just gone.
Stopped playing because of this because no way i can finish any campaign mission this way.
The game, at this point, is simply not playable in campaign mode.
Please release a hotfix for this asap.

I think this issue should be given priority. I too have seen it happen during the course of several campaigns and in single player mode. It's very frustrating and makes the game unplayable. Shouldn't "Unplayable game" = "priority fix"?

Shouldn't "UNPLAYABLE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" = "PRIORITY FIX"
where are your devs ?????

Ну и так далее...

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