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Обновление SoD_SP v1.16.6
[-] Fixed forcefield shadow drawing conditions when defending [-] FindMe now works again [-] Single-click upgrade of creatures in town was swapped around [-] Corrected some H3CombatManager fields in H3API preventing quickcast in creature banks and sometimes leading to crashes [-] H3Spell structure in H3API had two fields swapped resulting in improper damage display when mouse hovering creatures with spells

Обновление SoD_SP v1.16.7
[-] Custom quicksave now correctly uses custom name [-] Shift+split of creatures now works correctly

Обновление SoD_SP v1.16.8
[-] Improved H3API, eliminating some bugs that could lead to crashes [-] Modified berserk restoration option, preventing lost turn on human side

Обновление SoD_SP v1.16.9
[-] Fixed H3API bug with H3Position

Обновление SoD_SP v1.17.0
[-] Added missing code to allow vision of minimap during AI turn

Обновление SoD_SP v1.17.1
[ ] Updated H3.TextColor to latest version [ ] Quicksave prefix can now be up to 32 characters and accepts '{', '~' and '}' as input [-] Incorrect field was being used in H3LoadedDef::AddFrameToDef, resulting in partial frame copies [-] Added missing code related to extra mines, garrisons or mapmaker features

Обновление SoD_SP v1.17.2
[-] Corrected creature's Luck numeric display text id
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