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Heroes V - Modders' Library

Dear all,

A few months ago I adopted an abandoned Heroes V modding wiki - heroes5.fandom.com. The main goal is to collect and streamline various modding tutorials. Besides the many articles - some found and reworked, others migrated from forums I do plan some framework tutorials that explain how to extend certain game engine capacity so new material can be added in the game.

There are two framework tutorials at the moment:
- New Creature Framework (NCF) - explains how to expand creature count from 180 to 1000.
- New Hero Class Framework (NHCF) - explains how to expand hero class count from 8 to 73. 
- Index.bin - Thorough description of the file and what it is used for.
- Heroes V Editor - Describes the functionality of the editor and main modes of operation.
- Resize models - how to resize in-game models with the capability offered by the Map Editor.
- New Dwelling Framework (NDF) - expands adventure map dwellings from 4 to 8. New dwelling models are made from town dwelling building models.
- How to create new hero ?

Note: Psatka I do used your Vopar for exemplary purpose in the guide as your formatting is impeccable. Let me know if you mind that, I will bring it down.

I do make this thread for three reasons:
    1. Advertise the page, tutorials are meant to be used. I enjoy enabling the community to create more content.
    2. Collect feedback on existing guides as not all of them are reworked and there may be mistakes or simply I don't have the knowledge to do it properly.
    3. Get ideas from community what else may be good to upload there.

Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback.

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