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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

FAQ1. Who can help you to settle all the troubles in this section?
The administration of this section consists of: The section coordinator Dirty_Player (ICQ 408722873), his nick name is colored pink;the list of moderators is in the right bottom corner of the section Pit for LM (ICQ 471401475), Mizrael (ICQ 27384379), Scorpiona (ICQ 469326983), numOne (ICQ 305035002), злой_романтик (ICQ 296524052), LeBron (ICQ 550279567) The nick names of moderators are colored green. You can contact the administration with the help of Личных сообщений (Private messages) (the entrance in the right upper corner of each page). It is also possible to use ICQ or Skype. All the contacts can be found in the profiles or in the tournaments they moderate.

The registration troubles:

FAQ2. How to answer the question of the safety system?
You can find the answer here.

FAQ3. How to find a suitable nick name? All the nick names I try to use, have already been taken...
It is possible to use the system of user searching.
There is a link at the top of each page of the forum Пользователи (Members), following the link, you can see another link in the upper side of the page Поиск пользователей. Here you may enter the nick name, you want to use and the system shows you all the users registered with the same nick names. And it makes easier to find a unique nick name for you. Such symbols as: =, @, #, & and the others are also possible.

FAQ4. I have registered at the forum, but I didn't get the message with the instructions of account activation. What should I do?
You may write a message here "Заявки на активацию аккаунтов".
Only those who are waiting for the e-mail activation have right to leave a message there.

The troubes with the accounts:

FAQ5. I want to change the nick name. What should I do and what I shouldn't do?
The most important thing is: there is no need to create another account, It is restricted by HW.
In order to change the nick name, you should write a message to the theme "Смена ника на HW".
Don't forget to inform the rating moderator, tournament organizers and other players about this change.
FAQ6. I forgot my nick name, password or the e-mail address, used for the registration, doesn't exist. What should I do and what I shouldn't do?
It is forbidden to create another account.
There is a chance to remember the nick name with the help of the system Поиска пользователей (see FAQ3).
If the password is forgotten, it is possible to use the system of password restoring. You should press the button "Забыли пароль?" on any page, asking for password. You will be redirected to the page where you should insert the e-mail address, used by registration. The system sends a message with all the necessary instructions to this address immediatelly.
If the e-mail address doesn't exist, you should contact the forum's administration (see FAQ1).
In case [color="red"]you created a clone in order to enter the forum, you should contact on the administration and tell about this fact immediately. [COLOR] In this case, the both accounts can be united. Don't wait until the administration finds the clone, because the registration of two accounts is forbidden, and you can get 50 penalty points.

The main restrictions and penalties for breaking forum's rules:
It is forbidden to create more than one user account, use abusive language, outrage and provoke other users.
It is possible to find the forum's rules, we promised to carry out by the registration, following the link Справка (Information) , situated on the top of each page of the forum.
Moderator must impose penalty points to the user for each violation of the rules. When the user reaches 100 penalty points the system blocks the account for a week. The unblocking is impossible after the fourth blocking of the account.
The main violations and penalty points:
- registration of more than one user account costs 50 penalty points;
- using abusive language costs 10 penalty points;
- users outrage costs 25 penalty points;
- trolling and flame cost 5 penalty points.
The complete Violation list is here.

Here is your Control panel:

FAQ7. How to see the commentaries in the Morale system?
At the forum the Morale system exists. You can change (rase "+" or decrease "-") the Morale lever of another user for the message, pressing "the bird" in the right bottom corner of the page. You can also leave the commentary to the message and the author can read it then.
In order to read the commentaries of your messages, left by the other users, you have to enter your Control panel , using the link on the top of each forum's page.
Following this link you enter The Morale system and have an opportunity to read the last 10 commentaries to your messages, made by the other users.

FAQ8. How to change the profile??
Left at the Control panel there is the Setup Menu of the profile.
Here you can change the password, e-mail address, set or change the avatar and signature and customize different forum options.

FAQ9. How to set the signature to the messages? What are the requirements to the signature?
In order to set up the signature, that is shown under each of your messages, you should enter the Control panel, take the link left Edit Signature and put in the text or a picture.
Forum's rules for the signature are:
The user's signature must be written in 3rd or less type size, available at the standart forum's messages redactor. The user's signature can't contain more than two big pictures, in case it has no small pictures. The user's signature can't contain more than one big picture in case it contains small pictures. The user's signature can't contain more than five small pictures. The big picture is the picture sized less or equal to 500х140 pixels. The small picture is the picture sized less or equal to 350х20 pixels. The pictires sized more than 500х140 pixels aren't allowed.
The special Script works at the forum that checks if all the pictures of the signatures correspond to this rule.
So each signature can maximum contain:
two big pictures:

or one big picture with five small pictures:

Please, check the size and the total number of your pictures!
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