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Сообщения: 1777
Iamsamstan - уровень боевого духа Iamsamstan - уровень боевого духа
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The tournament themes

The tournament themes.

From the January 2014 the special system works in our section that gives the possibility to write the reports automatically. This system works in special tournament themes.

FAQ16. What is the difference between tournament and other themes?

In the section Heroes 3 Tournament - Турниры по 3-им Героям - ONLINE there are two types of themes:
- The ordinary themes are devoted to different questions, problems and discussions about the game. Each player, registered at the forum, can create them.
- The tournament themes are in the process of testing and improvement. Such themes are created specially for online HoMMIII tournaments. Now only the forum's coordinator, Dirty_Player, and the moderator responsible for HoMMIII season, Pit for LM, can create them. After correction of all bugs and the improving of the structure, the right to create the tournament themes will be given to the organizers of the official tournaments too.

The tournament themes differ from ordinary themes by structure.
On the first page of the tournament theme there is following information:
- The terms of the tournament;
- The top message, repeating at each page of the theme, contains the actual information at the moment about the tournament (Russian and English version are possible);
- The "List of the Players" (Список игроков) contains the list of participants of the tournament with the contact information;
- The "List of reports" (Список рапортов) contains the reports of the played games with the information about confirmation (confirmed (подтвержденный) / unconfirmed (неподтвержденный)) of the game;
- The block "Participation in the tournament" (Участие в турнире) repeats also on every page of the theme. It gives the opportunity for the players to enter the tournament, pressing "Application for participation (Записаться на турнир)" button.
After filing of the application the player sees in that block the status of the application, the commentary of the tournament organizer and, after joining the tournament, the button "New report (Новый рапорт)" appears. Each player can write a report, pressing this button;
- The post Number 1 (sometimes a few more following), as the rule, is written by the organizer and contains the rules, structure and other questions concerning the tournament, it is necessary to read it before the registration to the tournament;
- Then some posts follow that contain the following information: applications, discussions, tournament commentaries;
- In addition, there is no "Quick Answer (Быстрый ответ)" in the tournament themes according to technical reasons. In order to answer each player can use the button "Reply (Ответить)" in the left-top or in the bottom region of each page (the second screen of this post).

FAQ17. How to send the tournament application?

1. First of all it is necessary to learn the information given by the organizer about the tournament and to think if the conditions are suitable (the theme of the tournament, time limits, templates, deadlines and other information) and to realize if you comply with requirements (skill, communication, following the terms)

2. The existence of ICQ is necessary for the most of the tournaments. The player must add it to the profile in order the system could work correctly. If you have the ICQ-number, but under your avatar there is no ICQ symbol you have to act according to the algorithm:

or follow the link, which sends you to Edit Profile (Редактирование профиля).

The oganizer has right to ask for the skype login of the player. The same algorithm is used Skype nick name is entered at the bottom of the same page.

3. Then the player must send The application to the tournament's theme. It is necessary to press Application for participation (Записаться на турнир) button:

It is necessary to give the obligatory information, which the organizer asks for (for Example for the tournament "Battle of the favourites" the player has to write favourite castle, for the tournament "New Players" - the period of playing online, for "OFB 8" - templates)

4. The player has to wait, until the organizer considers the application and you see in the Participation in the tournament (Участие в турнире) his commentary. It is necessary to pay attention to this field during the tournament, because the organizer can give the information about the current problems of the player.
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