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По умолчанию The Section "Heroes 3 Tournament online" Navigation

The Section Heroes 3 Tournament - Турниры по 3-им Героям - ONLINE (Heroes III online Tournaments) Navigation

The HeroesWorld forum is large and it is not easy for newbies to find the necessary information here.
This Section Heroes 3 Tournament - Турниры по 3-им Героям - ONLINE (Heroes III online Tournaments), is devoted to HoMM3 online games. Here it is possible to find an opponent for fun game or take part in one of the Portal's tournaments.

At the top of the page there are some subsections. The most important of them are:
Справочные и обучающие материалы для игроков HoMM3 online
HoMM3 HD мод и другие дополнения к игре Heroes of Might and Magic III
The content of these subsections is here.

Below the subsections, there are the important themes of the section. The most of them are devoted to the tournaments, running at the moment. Under the Separating Line there are the themes and discussions, devoted to the recently finished tournaments.

The newbies often want to know:
FAQ10. How to start playing at the forum?

It is clear, that the first step is to set up the Game HoMM III and find the way of communication. It is possible to use the following programmes: Hamachi, GameRanger or TeamViewer and to registrate ICQ number or Skype.

It is possible to discuss the troubles with Hamachi using the theme Как поиграть в HM&M 3 по Online через Hamachi? (How to play HoMM3 online by the way of Hamachi)

Then it is necessary to read and understand Правила online игр в Герои III и сезонного Рейтингового турнира (The Season Tournament Game Rules). The most of tournaments and fun games are played according to these rules.
It is necessary to read the article Подневные сейвы: что это такое и как их делать (Everyday saves: what are they and how to do them?). It is necessary to make everyday saves and to keep them until the end of the tournament, you participate in.

Those, who has no online game experience, can get it, playing fun games.

It is possible to find an opponent by:
- writing a message to the theme Договариваемся играть online в 3-ку! - Arranging HOMM3 online games! with your contacts and wait until any opponent writes to you;
- looking the contact information of the active players of the Season Game Rate in the theme Рейтинг игроков в Герои III online (The rate of Heroes III online Players) and offer them to play.

There is no need to worry if you haven't find the opponent in 10 minutes. Sometimes, it is possible to wait several days for the opponent, in such a situation all depends on your insistance. After you learn some players, it becomes easier to play or make a game-agreement.

After the game it is necessary to write a detailed game-report at the theme Игры HoMM3 for fun (HoMM3 games for fun). If a newbie wants to take part in any tournament, the organizer asks to play some games with the report in order to see that this player has technical possibilities to play, some skill and wants to play seriously.

If any question about the game appears, it is possible to ask them in the suitable theme, if such a theme doesn't exist, it is possible to use the theme Круглый стол (Faceplate), or contact on the administration or judges by the means of ICQ (FAQ1).

After the player posted five Game-reports and made himself familiar with the Forum, it is possible to give an application in order to take part in the Season Rate Tournament.
This Tournament is held constantly, its theme is situated in this section among the Important themes, its terms and all the necessary information are at the first message of the Tournament. There are no obligatory opponents here, it is possible to play with any registered opponent when it is possible, several times, choose any templates, timelimits and other conditions. At the end of the season, accordind to the results the rate of the players is scored and the special ceremony of awarding of the most active and successive players is organized.
FAQ11. What do I do if I disagree with the opponent?
If you have problems or arguments during the game or rules questions, immideately contact the tournament judges. Try first look for any of them at ICQ. If no one is online, make a save and delay the game. After that send the Private Messages to judges. There is a link Личные сообщения (Private Messages) at the top right corner of every forum page. Press this link, choose menu from the left Новое сообщение (New Message), enter names of recipients:
....// Judge nicknames can be taken from the first post of tournament theme //...
and tell about your problem.
Please, all the arguments must be settled in that civilized manner.

FAQ12. I have heard about HoMM3 game broadcasting... Where can I find the links to them?
The Game-broadcasting is very popular. The number of spectators varies from several to several hundreds, and the intersting tournament games can be watched by thousands of viewers. The newbies can get necessary experience and learn from the other's mistakes.

The theme LIVE HOMM3: трансляции игр - games broadcasting shows the announcements about the runnig broadcasting.
At the top of the theme there are messages with the stream-channels monitoring. and it is possible to view the active channels real-time.
If there is the inscription LIVE at the top right corner of the broadcasting, it is possible to see the game on-line.
In order to do it, you should press "Play" button in the bottom left corner of the broadcasting-window, or follow the link to the active channel.
It is also possible to search the records of the previous broadcasting and educational videos with commentaries.
The most active channels are:
Mizrael http://ru.twitch.tv/mikevalentine
twaryna http://ru.twitch.tv/twaryna
Maretti http://ru.twitch.tv/maretti0
Gomunguls http://ru.twitch.tv/gomungulstv
StickyFingaz http://ru.twitch.tv/stickyfingazyo
Psyche_7 http://ru.twitch.tv/psyche_7
RomarioGrom http://ru.twitch.tv/romariogrom
=Stinger= http://ru.twitch.tv/akastinger
Toganash http://ru.twitch.tv/thetoganash
Graf_Bananov www.twitch.tv/graf_bananov
Ominous1 http://www.twitch.tv/ominouspk
=Lizard= https://join.me/lizard_wt
Aiwe http://ru.twitch.tv/aiwezo
HellLighT http://ru.twitch.tv/helllight111
Juristis http://ru.twitch.tv/juristis
darkello http://ru.twitch.tv/darkello1
Huanito http://ru.twitch.tv/huanito6803
Slayzer http://ru.twitch.tv/slayzer92
Iamsamstan http://ru.twitch.tv/strimi_kloyna
Nitro http://ru.twitch.tv/nitro433
Grizvald http://heroes3.tv/Grizvald
The_ http://ru.twitch.tv/the__the

Broadcasting-monitoring is also suitable here: http://heroes3.tv

In this section there are also announcements of game-broadcasting by the way of programmes for creation the coferences. In order to view them, it is necessary to set up software to the PC:
- for ID-translations like m62-977-121 - TeamViewer - http://www.teamviewer.com/ru/download/index.aspx;
- for ID-translations like 024-635-292 - Mikogo 4 - http://mikogo.com.

Those, who want to make their own game-broadcasting but don't know how to do that, can try to read the theme "Трансляции (Стримы, Mikogo, TeamViewer и т.п.) - технические аспекты" (Broadcasting (Streams, Mikogo, TeamViewer etc.) technical aspects) and find a convenient way of streaming.

FAQ13. I take part in the Season Rate Game Tournament and want to take part in other tournaments. Where can I find the information about tournaments, running at the moment?
The theme Текущие онлайн-турниры и график планируемых мероприятий по Heroes3 (Homm3 Online Running Tournaments) suggests all the necessary and actual information about all the active Forum's tournaments.
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