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Nitro - уровень боевого духа Nitro - уровень боевого духа
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Сообщение от Dave_HUN
Terrible map in general. Only 1 road, that led into underground and after 5 days of walking there were 70 evil eyes blocking me. With the 1 hive in my area I broke this block and tried to find way to ais, but I found myself in swamp with 2 one-way portals, so I decided to go offroad into desert,which also ended in 1-way portal.Charna found way to dungeon ai but he built castle and there was no way to beat him like that.I went into 1-way in desert with clavius, found a minimum cons and way to tower ai,which was also extremely long.By end of week 3 I finally had more than 1 town ,dungeon ai left his town empty and I took it,but almost died there even with castle and 40 mana.At tower AI I lost 1 angel, 2 knights and 130 skeletons.At least now I had 8900 income and artifact merchants to trade the useless scrolls / arties for resources. Started building up tower MG and early week 4 I met with Wystan in underground treasure.He was also weak like me, I could cast 1 implo, slow and some magic arrows , he cast 2 chain lightnings.He surrendered with some units and decided not to continue.
Спасибо за игру.
tnx for game.
ICQ 627769385
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