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Venton - уровень боевого духа
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31.07.2016 Venton (Красный, Подземелье, Шакти, Шакти) lose dan_choi (Синий, Инферно, Мариусса, Крег Хег) Jebus Cross 136
Poor starting zone. My week2 army was weak (4 Red Dragons, 20 Wyverns) and. Great skills on Shakti ("only" Logistics missing) but no Slow in MG. Luckily, I found it off-road and spent 1 day to get it before the break.

I made a mistake by fighting both guards in 1 turn with weakened army and depleted mana I ended up getting rekt by Scorpicores' paralysis. After killing both guards, my total army was 10 Wyverns. I managed to take 2-3 fights in the desert but then had to wait till week 3 for some army.

I picked up the Air Tome and Blue Hat from the desert hoping to outrun Crag and clear some hives in another zone but Crag caught me.

Thanks for the game!
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I speak English, Polish, French, Spanish, a little German, but not Russian...

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